PCB WEST-2019 Show


PCB WEST is the largest conference and Exhibition for Printed Circuit Board Show,including, Design, Fabrication and Assembly in the Silicon Valley, with widely acknowledged as the best technical conference in the industry. It has trained designers, engineers, fabricators and, assemblers on making PCB for every product or use imaginable. The September 2019 will host with three-day technical conference and one-day exhibition, Shenzhen SprintPCB as a more than 13 years experience PCB fabricator will join this show, and will share a lot of PCB/PCBA products from high-reliability military/aerospace to cutting-edge loT and wearables. We are sincerely invite you and your company to visit our booth.

Information about this event

Booth No:#609
Conference Time: September 9-12th, 2019
Exhibition Time: Tuesday, September 10th
Add: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

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