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Our deep resource integration allows us to provide clients with a convenient one-stop purchasing experience, improving work efficiency and reducing supply chain management costs. 

Shenzhen SprintPCB Co., Ltd was Established in 2007 in Daxing District, Beijing city, then at was relocated to Shenzhen City in 2010. It has branches in California, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Hangzhou. It is a Hi-tech Enterprise that has always been committed to providing clients with the most cost-effective express mail model and medium and small-batch circuit board manufacturing service. Our lead time is faster at the same price and our price is lower at the same lead time. We are engaged in one-stop service from PCB manufacture, CAD design, components sourcing, to PCB assembly. 

Attend the Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair annually

SprintPCB products are widely used in industrial control, power defense, medical, Automotive, security, computer, and other fields. Our main product types involving multi-layers circuit boards, HDl, high frequency board, hybrid laminates, metal substrates, rigid-flex board,etc. We can make heavy copper coiled resistance, Resin hole plugging, step slot, counter bore hole and other special process. The special process is our professional characteristic. We can also develop a new technology according to the customers’ demands, in order to meet customers’ special products, Personalized technology and Quality requirements.


Manufacturing high-tech PCBs for customer success.


To lead the high-tech PCBs that drive global technological progress.

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Quality, Innovation, Customer focus,   Sustainability.

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We offer a stimulating global environment, a unique culture with clear values, and continuous learning and development.




SprintPCB Bryant


VP Sales

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Sales Director

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Marketing Director


SprintPCB established R&D and manufacturing center in Beijing, and moved to Shenzhen in 2010.


Pass IATF 16949:2016 certification Aduit Build 1200 square meters new office as SprintPCB headquarter Set a new production division, invest new laminating machine, drilling machine and testing machine. Factory capacity improved 35%


SprintPCB established R&D and manufacturing center in Beijing, 2007,  and moved to Shenzhen in 2010.


Obtained Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certificate

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