Double sided PCBs

Double sided PCBs are printed circuit boards that have conductive traces and components on both sides.

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Double sided PCB

Double-sided PCBs

Our product portfolio includes double side PCBs for a wide range of applications from medical to industrial controls. This segment is decreasing as our customer’s demands for high layer count boards increases. However, we still produce large volumes with the same quality standards and expectations as our more advanced boards.

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Technical specification

Number of layers

2 layers

Technology highlights

Epoxy glass dielectric materials laminated with copper cladding of varying thicknesses.


FR-4 standard, FR-4 high performance, FR-4 halogen-free.

Copper weights (finished)

18μm – 210μm, advanced 1050μm / 30oz

Minimum track and gap

0.10mm / 0.10mm

PCB thickness

0.40mm – 3.2mm

Maxmimum dimensions

510mm x 650mm

Surface finishes available

HASL (SnPb), LF HASL (SnNiCu), OSP, ENIG, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, Electrolytic gold, Gold fingers

Minimum mechanical drill

0.30mm standard, 0.20mm advanced

FAQ about Double sided PCBs

What is a double sided PCB?

Double sided PCB, also known as double sided printed circuit board, is a type of circuit board that has conductive pathways and components on both sides of the board.

What are the advantages of double sided PCBs?

Double sided PCBs offer several advantages including increased component density, improved signal integrity, and reduced size and weight of the final product.

What is the process of manufacturing double sided PCBs?

The process of manufacturing double sided PCBs main involves drilling, plating, etching, lamination, and testing etc.

How does the trace routing differ in double sided PCBs compared to single sided PCBs?

In double sided PCBs, trace routing can be done on both sides of the board, allowing for a more flexible and efficient design. In single sided PCBs, trace routing is limited to one side only.


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