Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs

Consisting of multiple laminates and differing dielectric constants, this multilayer (displayed above) is a mixed-dielectric printed circuit board.

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Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs

Mixed laminate multilayer PCBs are ideal for complex and high-speed circuit designs that require different dielectric constants. They are composed of multiple layers of different laminates, allowing for precise control of impedance, signal integrity, and heat dissipation. The different layers of mixed laminate multilayer PCBs can be interconnected using vias and buried vias, providing a high degree of routing flexibility.


Technical specification

Number of layers

4 – 16 layers

Technology highlights

special materials, laminating ofmixed medium, fine lines


FR4, Rogers4350B

Profile method

punching, rout

Copper weights (finished)

18 μm – 70 μm

Minimum track and gap

0.075 mm / 0.075 mm

PCB thickness

0.05 mm – 3.0 mm

Maxmimum dimensions

450mm x 610mm

Surface finishes available

OSP, ENIG, Immersion tin, Electrolytic gold, Gold fingers

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FAQ about Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs

What is a Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCB?

A Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCB is a type of printed circuit board that combines multiple layers of different materials in its laminate structure, providing improved electrical and mechanical performance.

What are the advantages of Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs?

The advantages of Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs include improved thermal management, increased electrical performance, reduced weight and improved dimensional stability.

How are Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs manufactured?

Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs are manufactured by laminating layers of different materials such as metal-based substrates, ceramic-based materials, and FR-4, and then drilling and plating vias to interconnect the layers.

What are the applications of Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs?

Mixed Laminate Multilayer PCBs are widely used in demanding applications such as telecommunications, industrial controls, medical devices, and military and aerospace systems.


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