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Metal substrate is growing rapidly and supporting sectors including automotive, medical, aerospace, lightning applications and industrial controls.

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New opportunities with insulated metal substrate

For greater amounts of energy or local thermal loads, e.g in modern constructions with high intensity LEDS, IMS technology can be used. The abbreviation, IMS, stands for “Insulated Metal Substrate.” This is a PCB built on a metal plate – normally aluminium – on which a special prepreg is applied, the primary qualities of which are an excellent capacity for heat dissipation and great dielectric strength against high voltages.


Technical specification

Number of layers

1 – 4 layers

Technology highlights

Effective heat sink solutions for thermal applications. This construction type enables superior heat dissipation through use of either aluminium or copper substrate bonded to the insulated circuitry through thermal pre-preg or resin systems. Breakdown Voltage 3KV /5KV


Aluminium & copper plates

Dielectric thickness

0.05 mm – 0.20 mm

Thermal conductivity

1-12 W/m/K

Profile method

Punching, Liquid cooled routing

Copper weights (finished)

35 μm – 140 μm

Minimum track and gaps

0.10 mm / 0.10 mm

Metal core thickness

0.40mm – 3.20mm

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FAQ about Metal substrate PCBs

What is a Metal Substrate PCB?

A Metal Substrate PCB, also known as Metal Core PCB, is a type of printed circuit board that uses a metal base material, typically aluminum, as the substrate instead of the traditional FR-4 glass-reinforced epoxy resin.

What are the advantages of Metal Substrate PCBs?

Metal Substrate PCBs offer several advantages such as improved thermal management, increased durability, and better mechanical stability compared to traditional PCBs.

What types of applications are Metal Substrate PCBs commonly used for?

Metal Substrate PCBs are commonly used for high-power applications such as power electronics, lighting, and industrial control systems due to their improved thermal management capabilities.

What are the disadvantages of Metal Substrate PCBs?

The main disadvantage of Metal Substrate PCBs is their higher cost compared to traditional PCBs. They can also be more difficult to manufacture due to the metal substrate and require specialized equipment and materials.


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