PCB Solutions for Consumer Electronics

Whether you need a PCB for the Internet-of-Things, a wearable device, or the next gaming accessory, Sprintpcb is the go-to manufacturer for Consumer Electronics PCBs.

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Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics or home electronics refer to electronic equipment, whether analog or digital, designed for daily use, typically in private homes.

  • Computers

  • Sensors


PCBs for embedded computers, mounted inside applications, like ticket vending machines, parking meters or charging stations. Demands are typically complex design and heat management.

industrial computers PCBs

PCB Technology for Computers


High-density, microvias

Multilayer PCBs

Multiple layers, complex circuits

Industries we serve

Sprintpcb supports product development across all industries and applications.

power energy PCBs

Exceptional heat dissipation, organic substrate and innovative packaging options

telcom PCBs

High-reliability communication PCBs with superior performance that ensure signal integrity

automotive PCBs

Ensuring high reliability and long-term durability of your products

datacom PCBs

heat management and increasing data throughput while decreasing relative power consumption

medical PCBs

High-reliability, high-quality PCBs - prototype to Low/Mid production volumes

industrial PCBs

Advanced PCB & miniaturization solutions compatible with high quality standards

safety PCBs

Superior heat dissipation, organic substrate and advanced packaging solutions

consumer electronics PCBs

HDI boards, PCBA with BGA connectors, RF, and Rigid-Flex


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