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Safety critical

Alarm and safety solutions are becoming more advanced, requiring a long lifecycle and dependability. The advent of AI and video-based detection brings new challenges that need to be addressed. Below are some of the applications we cater to in this field.

  • Alarm systems

  • Fire detection

  • Gas detection

Alarm systems

PCBs for intrusion, contactless, video or IR alarm systems. Demands are typically low power consumption, size constraints and a long service life.

safety critical alarm systems pcb

PCB Technology for Alarm systems


High-density, microvias

Multilayer PCBs

Multiple layers, complex circuits

Rigid Flex PCBs

Complex shapes, space-saving

Industries we serve

Sprintpcb supports product development across all industries and applications.

power energy PCBs

Exceptional heat dissipation, organic substrate and innovative packaging options

telcom PCBs

High-reliability communication PCBs with superior performance that ensure signal integrity

automotive PCBs

Ensuring high reliability and long-term durability of your products

datacom PCBs

heat management and increasing data throughput while decreasing relative power consumption

medical PCBs

High-reliability, high-quality PCBs - prototype to Low/Mid production volumes

industrial PCBs

Advanced PCB & miniaturization solutions compatible with high quality standards

safety PCBs

Superior heat dissipation, organic substrate and advanced packaging solutions

consumer electronics PCBs

HDI boards, PCBA with BGA connectors, RF, and Rigid-Flex


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