SprintPCB was founded in 2007 in Daxing and moved to Shenzhen in 2010. It is a high-tech enterprise that has been committed to providing customers with one-stop electronic manufacturing services of high-end printed circuit boards.

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Pass IATF 16949:2016 certification aduit
Build 1200 square meters new office as SprintPCB headquarter
Set a new production devision, invest new laminating machine , drilling machine and testing machine.
Factory capacity imporved 35%

Investment of advanced LED exposure machine, drilling machine, routing machine and other equipements.

Company obtained the subsidy rewards from Shenzhen and Bao’an district government for our contribution to high tech field



Obtained Shenzhen high-tech enterprise cerfificate

We obtained 6 utility model patent certificates, they are:
1.Multi-layer PCB for high frequency signal transimission
2.New crimp flexible circuit board
3.Resistance bending flexible PCB
4.New PCB structure for heat dispersion
5.A new multi-layer precision HDIPCB with protective structure
6.A new multi-layer precision HDI PCB prevent holes Off-set drilling



We set up overseas customer service center in order to meet the foreigh customer's demand

The first one-step HDI PCB prototyping successfully .It is a new achivement in High-precision multi-layer interconnection PCB manufacturing technology.



Registered Shenzhen Sprint Circuit
Obtained UL certification
Factory passed ISO9001:2008/GB/T19001-2008
Sprint Circuit relocated in Shenzhen
Sprint Circuit established in Beijing Daxing


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