There is no such thing as a standard printed circuit board. Each PCB has a unique function for a particular product. Therefore, producing a PCB is a complex, multi-stage process. This overview covers the most important steps when producing a multilayer PCB.

When you order PCBs from the SprintPCB, you are buying quality that pays for itself over time. This is guaranteed through product specifications and quality controls that are far more stringent than those of other suppliers, and ensures that the product delivers what it promises. The production flow chart below illustrates ways the SprintPCB process is unique or goes beyond the IPC standard.

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  • PPE

  • Material issue

  • Inner layer

  • Inner layer etch

  • Inner layer AOI

  • Lamination

  • Drilling

  • PTH

  • Panel plating

  • Outer layer image

  • Pattern plate

  • Outer layer etch

  • Outer layer AOI

  • Via hole plugging

  • Soldermask

  • Surface finish

  • Profile

  • ET

  • Final inspection

  • Packaging


PPE - Pre Production Engineering


Customer supplied data (gerber) is used to produce the manufacturing data for the specific PCB (artworks for imaging processes and drill data for drilling programs). Engineers compare demands/specifications against capabilities to ensure compliance and also determine the process steps and associated checks.

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