Our factories conduct rigorous quality and reliability tests on each new batch prior to dispatch, SprintPCB labs evaluates and supports a comprehensive first article inspection process and assures that the products we are manufacturing are as ordered.

SprintPCB regularly undertakes the following activities:

  • Full micro sectional analysis
  • IPC class 3 process and acceptance verification
  • Copper thickness checks on all layers and on hole wall
  • Analysis and verification of build, including dielectric thicknesses
  • Evaluation of BGA and SMD pad geometries along with track and gap measurements
  • Solderability testing
  • Thermal stress and delamination tests
  • Solder-mask analysis including adhesion and thickness evaluation
  • X-Ray fluorescence checks to measure the thickness of surface finishes such as ENIG, immersion Tin, etc.
  • Generation of CpK data for critical features such as copper through hole, track and gap
  • Fault finding and root causes analysis


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